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Boston 2011

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CreatorCamp Boston 2011 (#CCbos2011)


  • Date: 2011 To be determined
  • Time: To be determined
  • Location :To be determined
  • Capacity: To be determined
  • Cost: To be determined
  • Registration: Register through the Wiki
  • Hashtag: #CCbos2011
  • Lead Organizer : CC Chapman 


What we need

  • Volunteers to help put it together 
  • Help spreading the word



Time slots are divided into 30-minute blocks. Based on venue size, there is room for XX blocks. Plan for 20minutes of speaking/presenting with 10 minutes Q&A (or early networking). There are also hallways, sidewalks, parking lots, bars for continued discussion. 

     1.      <person> will speak on <topic> 

     2.      <person> will speak on <topic> 



     XX.      <person> will speak on <topic> 




Please add yourself to the list if you will attend. You'll need to request access to the page here or the link at the top right of the page.

You'll be approved. We do this for spam-control, not people-control.  

Once you have access, click here : <edit>, add your name to the list below and click <save

Because space is limited, be sure to return and remove yourself from the list if you discover after you've registered that you're not able to attend.





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