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Ottawa 2010

Page history last edited by Véronique Milot 12 years, 5 months ago


First ever CreatorCamp: CreatorCamp Ottawa 2010 (#CCyow2010)


Thank you SO much to the organizers, volunteers, speakers and participants. Creator Camp Ottawa 2010 was a great and inspiring event. Not only that, everyone contributed to raise $340 for the Ottawa Food Bank. Congratulations.


In an effort to help future organizers (and would-be organizers),

Mark Blevis has published a four part behind-the-scenes look at organizing the event. It all begins with Part 1.


  • Date: December 8th, 2010 (Wednesday)
  • Time: 7pm - 10pm (ET)
  • Location : Patty Boland's, 2nd floor (101 Clarence Street - MAP)
  • Capacity: 100 people max (ESTIMATED 40 PEOPLE ATTENDED)
  • Cost: All registrants are encouraged to bring $10 for the Ottawa Food Bank ($340 RAISED!)
  • Registration: Click here to register using our EventBrite page
  • Hashtag: #CCyow2010
  • Lead Organizer : Mark Blevis (markblevis AT gmail DOT com)


What we need

  • Help spreading the word



Time slots are divided into 30-minute blocks. Talks will focus on creativity, creative process and creative projects and will be geared to helping the audience discover new ideas and approaches to their own creative pursuits.

We've received confirmation that none of our speakers will be using a projector for their talk!

  1. Tom Hofstatter: focusing creativity by imposing boundaries (and removing distraction)
  2. Louise Legault-Hatem: "using your inner creative genius in impromptu situations - answering difficult questions or providing feedback off-the-cuff" 
  3. Alison Gresik: four things you need to write a book -- or finish any big project -- next year 
  4. Sue Murphy: the role of hiatus in the creative process
  5. Christopher Griffin: accidental inspiration and creativity
  6. CC Chapman: photography as a creative activity




Welcome, logistics, introductions, fundraising collection, etc..

Louise Legault-Hatem: Using your inner creative genius in impromptu situations
7:30-8:00 Tom Hofstatter: Focusing creativity by imposing boundaries (and removing distraction)
8:00-8:30 Alison Gresik: 4 things you need to write a book -- or finish any big project -- next year
8:30-9:00 Sue Murphy: The role of hiatus in the creative process 
9:00-9:30 Christopher Griffin: Accidental inspiration and creativity
9:30-10:00 CC Chapman: Photography as a creative activity
10:00- Wrap-up and socializing




  1. Bob Goyetche - founder of CreatorCamp, podcaster, blogger, musician and photographer
  2. Mark Blevis - Bob's trusty sidekick, audio production geek, video documentary geek, blogger, pseudo-musician and digital public affairs strategist
  3. Andrea Ross - podcaster, blogger, fabric sewing togetherer, and children's book enthusiast
  4. CC Chapman - podcaster, blogger, photographer and co-author of Content Rules
  5. Sue Murphy - blogger, teacher, media maker and cook
  6. Peter Childs - occasional video food blogger
  7. Bob LeDrew - PR flack, Scotch lover, cyclist, house concert presenter, animation referrer-to, connector of people, Stephen King nerd, and general nose-sticker-inner
  8. Natasha D'Souza - flying under the radar blogger, tweeter, video/podcast wannabe 
  9. W. Thomas Leroux - blogger, video editor, photographer, technical support ninja, developer, Mac usergroup organizer, occasional video producer, badminton player, and soup enthusiast.
  10. Vincent White - avid twitterer, blogger, fake Ottawan, Gov/PR connector, and as of just recently...yoga enthusiast
  11. Tom Hofstätter - Butcher, Baker, Anything Maker. New-World Dad, with Old-World dreams. Web-Guy and geek.
  12. Ian Capstick - cook, baker, cupcake enthusiast and digital content maker
  13. Shawn Dearn - audio manipulator, conversation maker 
  14. Travis Boisvenue - draws, photographs, records and makes music 
  15. Véronique MilotPublic servant, social media enthusiast, published author, sports & guitar lover, never says no to...pop corn!: @VeroMilot
  16. Victoria Procunier
  17. Diane Bowman - bead-a-holic, lapidary, maker of theatre costumes, all around arts enthusiast. 
  18. Ketevan Chigogidze 
  19. Kelly Rusk
  20. Candice Bernes
  21. Peter Childs
  22. Laurie Kingston
  23. Tim Wayne
  24. Louise Legault-Hatem
  25. Michele Foster - web developer, quilter and founder of the Quilting Gallery
  26. Lindsey McCaffrey
  27. Kita Szpak
  28. Shannon Lee Mannion
  29. Alison Gresik - fiction writer, creativity coach, knitter, blogger, and recorder player
  30. Gailene Green
  31. Alexis Rodrigue-Lafleur
  32. Ashley Andrews
  33. Virginie Corneau St-Hilaire
  34. Jessey Bird
  35. Christopher Griffin - painter and multimedia artist
  36. Jay West
  37. Carole Jane Treggett
  38. Brie McManus
  39. Graham Cowen
  40. Andy Xhignesse
  41. Gina Marin
  42. Nelly L
  43. Katherine Arnup
  44. Neil Bakshi
  45. Nancy Wasserman
  46. Becca Wallace
  47. Johanssen Chan Tai Kong
  48. Darlene Nadeau
  49. Joanne Campbell
  50. Dwight Williams
  51. Caitlin Kealey
  52. Steve Larrivee
  53. Bryony Etherington
  54. Paul Mannone
  55. Francine Laplante
  56. Graham Berndt
  57. Treena Grevatt
  58. Cheryl Gain
  59. Jean-Claude Batista 
  60. Danny Starr
  61. Alexa Clark
  62. Murray Rob Roy McGregor
  63. Laura Landy


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