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Thinking about organizing a CreatorCamp event in your community?

Download the CreatorCamp ebook

 for behind the scenes look at #CCyow2010, organizing tips, keys to success and a toolkit.


Upcoming events



What is CreatorCamp?


Exploring the creative process across disciplines, be it audio, video, fabric arts, cooking, woodworking, photography, sculpture, painting, poetry, stories, books, etc... Read a brief history of CreatorCamp.


We have one organizing principle... sessions MUST be about creating something (and by CREATING, we don’t mean revenue, audience, market share, connections, Twitter-followers).


Otherwise, the rules are pretty much the same as any other "camp" event.

  1. Create an event YOU would like to attend
  2. All attendees must be treated equally and be allowed to participate (subject to limitations of physical space).
  3. All content created must be released under a Creative Commons license
  4. All sessions must obey the Law of 2 Feet (if you're not getting what you want out of the session, you can and should quietly walk out and do something else)
  5. The financials of a CreatorCamp must be fully disclosed in an open ledger, except for any donor/sponsor who wishes to remain anonymous.


Want to help?

Of course you do - This is a no-frills event, we're not actively looking for sponsors. There are still plenty of ways to help:

  • Help spread the word (Blog it, tweet it, do whatever it is you do)
  • Look at the event page for your city, look for opportunities to help there.
  • Don't see an event for your city? Start one!


Past events


Thank you!

  • Carolyn Lundy for creating the amazing CreatorCamp logo and variants for some of the regional events.


Need Help? We're here for you:

  • The PBworks Manual and 30-second training videos can help show you how to edit, add videos and invite users.
  • The best way to get your support questions answered is to click the help link at the top of this page. Our support gurus will get back to you asap. 


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